Shen Yun Expresses ‘Divine Magic,’ Opera Singer Says

“I think it’s something beautiful, very poetic. … It’s perfectly coordinated. It’s impressive, it’s beautiful, it’s colorful: the expressions, … the communication, and of course that divine magic that is expressed through the different pieces.”

“It takes us to something very personal in each of us, related to the hope or the wishes we have about this divinity within us. So these pieces … fulfill the goal of making us dream that this world will be better, that it is possible.”

“The music is flawless, the interpretation, from beginning to end, it’s like a clock. … The poetry is so well written musically that all those changes of [sound] colors and shades and timbres are very rich, and that makes it very, very interesting: the climates it creates, from the strongest to the highest and most subtle.”

“Also the soloist musicians—the instrument [the ‘erhu’], the soprano, the pianist—were all excellent, excellent, and with a lot of lyricism and a lot of poetry.”

“I think [the soprano] is excellent, very good, with a lot of focus. The technical knowledge … is very good, and with a lot of dedication toward the audience.”

“The level of color and expression through dance revitalizes us. … When you go to see a show, you want to leave happy, you want to leave with something, … and I think that’s precisely what the show achieves. It’s a show that gives a lot to the audience.”

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