Shen Yun Has Very Good Karma, Realtor Says

“This is a very peaceful and joyful and its so, it makes you just feel like part of the world. … My impression is I love it.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed it: I love the costumes, the music, and it’s very gentle. It has good karma, very good karma. I just, I’m impressed, I’m very impressed and I will sleep very well tonight. … It was very enlightening and gentle.”

“It’s sweet! I will sleep very well tonight because of all the images, their good karma.”

“It’s making me feel like I am more alive, so it’s wonderful.”

“Very spiritual element; it definitely shows the turmoil in the world [yet] the depiction of the universe and the whole world is sweet and renewing; it makes you feel like, ‘This is all worth it.’ There is a real spiritual element to it. … There is the Creator. The Creator, and this is 5,000 years of history they are showing. Very cool, it’s been a cool experience.

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