Shen Yun Inspires with Beauty and Positivity, Says Former Dancer

“It was a fabulous show.”

“I understand about choreography and staging and costumes. It’s not easy. It takes years and years of practice and experience to perform and understand what they were telling us.”

“The colors were just stunning. Really, really beautiful. … The costumes were designed very well—just gorgeous.”

“I feel good. … It keeps me warm inside and positive. It’s talking about Heaven and how important it is to do good things.”

“I’ve been trying to be more positive toward people because more and more we meet people who are not happy. You can see on the street, everybody’s rushing, people are more miserable. I try to make everyone happy and smile, and I see in the performance that [the dancers] were always smiling. The expression on their faces was like they were trying to say something to you with their positivity.

“It doesn’t matter what happens, they remind you to keep your head up, keep smiling. Even if a bad day comes and you lose your money or you lose your job, or something bad happens to your family, you always just keep going straight and upward. Never turn back toward the bad days.”

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