Shen Yun Is a Masterpiece, Says Business Owner

“I thought it was very energetic, brilliant, very colorful. … It’s kind of hard to put it all in words. I would just say that the way that everybody worked together, it was a masterpiece. It was really, really good.”

“The costumes, the lighting, the digital [backdrop], how they were able to make it appear as though they were going into the screen and coming back out of the screen was really good. That was masterful. I liked that. And the music and the way everything was choreographed, it’s just great.”

“I would recommend it. I would say it’s an energetic cultural experience.”

“I’m taking home a core belief that [the performers] believe that there is good, and good always overcomes evil.”

Evelyn Stephens

“I loved it. It was so colorful and so exciting, so much energy. … Just high energy, positive, excitement.”

“I waited a long time to come and see it.”

“I think that the cause [of addressing the persecution of belief] is good. When you have a voice, you need to speak loud.”

“The one where she was waiting for her husband, ‘Devotion,’ that’s the one that was my favorite.”

“I’m taking home an interest in the Chinese dance and the culture, and I definitely want to look into it more to find out more what I can, just look into it. It made me curious.”

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