Shen Yun Is a ‘Most Amazing Cultural Journey,’ Says Theatergoer

“I had no idea it was going to be this good—the dance, the music, the orchestra. They were just absolutely amazing.”

“Most amazing cultural journey—I think every time someone comes to see a performance like that, they get a better appreciation of a different culture.”

“You almost felt like you were a part of some of the scenes, that’s how real it seems.”

“My wife and I will be talking about it all the way home. Tomorrow, the next day, we’ll be talking to all of our friends.”

“I think the values were very much on display for all age groups, and that’s why the cross-section of your audience I think would pick up on that—trust, togetherness, honesty, value of music, value of dance, value of just being so alive.”

“[The soprano’s song] was really amazing. That caught everyone’s attention. You could hear a pin drop when she was singing. Very, very nice. It would be something that you’d like to listen to over and over again.”

“[Regarding the erhu solo,] that was really interesting. … I found there were sweet sounds and there were haunting sounds. Very, very intriguing.”

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