Shen Yun Is Beautiful and Has Deep Meaning, Dentist Says

“Shen Yun is truly wonderful.”

“I wanted to say that my country is Lithuania, and we also suffer from communism. I had no idea that the people of China are going through very similar situations in my country. “

“I was very pleasantly surprised that this production, besides the beauty of dance, it’s more than a superficial gift, it’s beautiful, but it’s also deep meaning. And, its importance is in getting the word out that people are suffering because of their faith, and their freedom taken away, and just that you can’t be yourself. It’s a beautiful production.”

“My whole life my parents had to run from communists. We lost everything in our homeland, so I understand very much. And the fact that you can’t have faith, that’s crushing. But, I’m learning so much about the Chinese authentic culture.”

The big message, that we are all human. … It’s so important because the warmth and the heart, the spirit of people. Sometimes I would not be close to anything Chinese, but I feel we are [close] just by being human, and we all have the same ideas. So I very, very much enjoyed the show.”

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