Shen Yun Is Restoring Humanity’s Values, Says Pastor

“I am enjoying the creative dance and the artistic expressions, particularly coming out of the antiquities, because I think it’s lost in our Western world. It is nice to see it, and the color and the reflection—very good.”

“It’s very intriguing. It’s a great reflection [of spiritual belief]. Being a pastor of a church community—communicating truth, watching it conveyed through dance and art and music—very compelling.”

“[Referring to the dance story titled ‘Devotion,’ depicting the persecution of the Falun Gong traditional spiritual practice in China,] I think that good always prevails over evil. And I think if people rally together and band together, then you can actually improve your society. But you have to work to communicate, … you have to present the truth, you’ve got to compel people to engage with it. And it’s just been enjoyable [seeing Shen Yun’s dance story presentation]. I was engaged all the way through that piece.”

“Humanity’s values are … being lost, but seeing them restored [through Shen Yun], and to see love, respect, appreciation, and admiration—yes, it’s something that we have to cultivate and recreate within our society.”

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