Shen Yun ‘Leaves You Breathless,’ Says Retired Pilot

“This was absolutely spectacular. I had heard it was very good, but this was beyond my expectations. Just absolutely wonderful.”


“I think the choreography just leaves you breathless. It is amazing what they can think of and are able to do. 


“The digital screen and the way they handled that was just wonderful. It brought everything to life ever more so than ever before.”


“You couldn’t help but think about the spiritual world so to speak and where China came from, and through China where all of us came from. It was wonderful.


“It was personal enough that it is difficult to explain it. I kind of sat there in awe of what it was and what it was depicting. It was very enjoyable. It was moving at times, humorous at times, quite funny, but also very thought provoking. It makes you think about what it was like thousands of years ago and how it has evolved and what it is today.”


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