Shen Yun Moves Consultant With Its Commitment, Passion, Intensity

NEW YORK—Steven Blackman, executive consultant, is a longtime theatergoer and lover of the arts, so there isn’t much by the way of stage productions he hasn’t seen. But the revival of culture brought about by Shen Yun Performing Arts was something truly altogether one of a kind.

“It takes a lot to wow or impress me, but the production is so inventive, it’s so innovative, that I can honestly say that I haven’t seen anything quite like it,” Blackman said at Lincoln Center on March 7, 2020.

The New York-based company is foremost in the world in classical Chinese dance and features various unique aspects like an orchestra that blends in the Chinese pipa and erhu, or the digital backdrop with its own patented technology.

“It’s like a visual and auditory feast,” Blackman said. “The performers are so enormously talented that their talent is only matched by their passion of intensity that shines through as brightly as the costumes on stage. I was just absolutely overwhelmed.”

Blackman said he felt a feeling of intensity, “like an all-in commitment, passion.”

“This content is really meaningful to them, and it’s something that stems from the heart. It’s very true, very honest,” Blackman said.

The traditional Chinese culture that Shen Yun’s performances are all about is a culture once said to be divinely inspired, and for Blackman that spirituality did shine through.

“There is a force larger than ourselves that is out there is some way, shape, or form, that obviously comes through very strong,” he said.

“I feel like I just got off a journey that I wish hadn’t ended and see, I’m also very impressed with and quite shocked that this is redone every year, re-choreographed. I had no idea,” said Blackman. Most shows run as-is every year it comes around, but Shen Yun composes all new music, choreographs all new dances, crafts couture costumes anew for its some-20 vignettes every production, every year.

“It’s a spiritual journey through 5,000 years of Chinese history, through music, dance, performance,” Blackman said.

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