Shen Yun Music Links Heaven and Earth, Says Theatregoer

“I am touched, I am deeply touched by the strength of the people who started [Shen Yun], to pass on this message through beauty, through perfection.”

“It moves me deeply to see the strength of the fusion of East and West that they are presenting in the show in such a beautiful way, with the sensation of Shen, or the divine spirit.”

“Shen Yun [means] ‘the beauty of divine beings dancing.’ The divine beings are dancing through human bodies. …. It gives me wings, the show gives me wings. It pushes the perfection very far.”

“The singer has a voice that touches you. Then the fact that they put the Chinese and Western instruments [in the orchestra]—there’s the Chinese expression ‘to link heaven and earth,’ and they do it with the music.”

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