Shen Yun Opened Up a Path Toward Kindness

“We came to the very first [Shen Yun performance] and it was at McCormick, and since then we have followed it, … and it’s just sort of an enlightening thing for me.”

“It was sort of, like, [seeing] it woke something up.”

“When you see the [ancient Chinese] culture and their beliefs, it’s something I had never been exposed to, but l… had always wondered about … . A path opened up and then I start reading the literature and thinking there really was more than what I had been taught; a different way of life, a different way of thinking.”

“I’d say [I’m] a lot calmer and I don’t let anything bother me, … and I am different with people, I am a lot more loving, not that I was ever unloving but a lot more loving, like I really love all people.”

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