Shen Yun Passes on Traditions and Values, Says Professor

“It was fantastic. It was totally worth it. It was a wonderful night. We loved everything about it: the sets, the live music, the costumes—every story is different … fantastic culture.”

“The [performers] are absolutely fantastic. You could see the work. You could see the dedication. You could see the inspiration.”

“Live music makes such a huge difference. It was a fantastic idea to bring [their] own orchestra.”

“It brings you to the level where you want to create and be even more productive in your own work. It’s all the inspiration and a lot of very positive emotions as well as a little bit of sadness about certain stories, but that’s part of our life. So it was very educational as well I would say.”

“The values inherent in traditional Chinese culture] are human values. They are relevant—today, yesterday, and tomorrow. That’s what humanity is about.”

“[It’s a good reminder] to carry on with the culture—to not forget about your traditions and values. Pass it on to other generations.”

“[It] is 10 in the evening and I just don’t feel like going to bed because you’re overwhelmed with all these emotions and feelings.”

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