Shen Yun Showcases High Skill Level, Choir Director Says

“The show is surprising, full of color. I thought [the artists] had a surprisingly high level of skills, dance quality, and choreography. … I am very impressed.”

“What caught my eye was how well the stories were told through the dance and the visual effects, and fundamentally the precision of the female dancers, who really have a superb skill level. Superb!”

“It’s moving because they fuse everything together: the acrobatics; the dance, which is very expressive; the selection of the stories, which are all very different. Some are from thousands of years ago. Some tell the conflicts that China has today. … It’s very moving and very interesting, a very attractive performance.”

“Of course! [I want Shen Yun to perform in Teatro Colón] Yes, yes, yes because it has the level to be there. They have a symphony orchestra with some typical Chinese instruments, which is very well-done. Everything is coordinated perfectly. It’s a real pleasure to see the performance.”

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