Shen Yun, ‘Something you must see’

“It is incredible, the dedication with which they make the whole show, in all the details, like in the costumes. The way they appear on stage, really, it’s very good.”

“The dance [“Child’s Choice”], it’s about persecution in China. It touches you, it makes you angry that such things happen [today], that it can’t be be practiced in China. … This part moves me a lot.”

“Excellent [spiritual message], you permanently get what they are doing, without speaking you know what is happening on the stage.”

“I think [the culture] it’s something that should never be lost. I think it’s something that has to remain, because it is the essence of the Chinese people. It is a culture that has more than 5000 years and things that they already knew 5000 years ago are now being discovered.”

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