Singer Moved by Shen Yun’s Spiritual Journey

“I had been wanting to see it for a long time … it was sublime for me too, I was moved in many parts. It was truly moving and yes, I had to cry, because it’s like an instinct, to see it, to feel it, [it’s] very moving. I would see it again, I got to the last performance, I wasn’t here, I was abroad, and I said ‘it’s unmissable’, there’s no other option and I bought a ticket for him and, well, here we are.”

“[The dancers] they have training that make them look like gods, not beings from this Earth. It’s like looking for something beyond, but that something is here, training and discipline, something Chinese culture instills so much, discipline. And to see it represented on stage it was like seeing something from a different world, I experienced it like that.”

“I’m in the music area, the music is flawless, incredible … there was no fissure—and the spiritual part, you can feel it, closing the eyes and listening to the soprano, and the other soloist that played that Chinese instrument, incredible. It’s a very big spiritual journey, it’s good.”

“Very good, very pleasant [stories] some were very fun too, very enjoyable because it was not all so serious, there was some humour—very warm, very sweet, and that is conveyed a lot. We don’t have that kind of culture here, regarding the humour, comedy, it’s something different.”

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