‘These people are perfection’

“It’s amazing. The precision of the dancers and how together they are is amazing, and their physical abilities and the colours of the costumes. The whole design is beautiful.

“They’re so precise in their movement and even their head movements match, and they’re so graceful and beautiful.”

“It’s very educational too. I didn’t know a lot about the classical dancing from China and it’s so beautiful.”

“I appreciate so much the quality of the choreography and the quality of the production. The costuming is phenomenal, and the ability of the dancers.

“[Shen Yun is] absolutely the top, the very top level. World-class, I would say.

“I can tell that these people have rehearsed so, so much. There’s never a mistake. Every foot, every hand, every head movement is precise and exact, so you can tell there’s no amateur movement at all. There’s no mistakes. It’s extremely difficult, and I don’t know if a lot of people realize how difficult the body movements that these people do, and make it look so, so easy. A lot of what they’re doing is extremely difficult, and yet they do it so gracefully and with such ease that it looks like nothing.”

“And it’s easy to watch. You’re never worried that there’s going to be a mistake. It’s so perfect. You know, when you watch an amateur performance you’re like, are they going to fall, are they going to get it, they’re not quite in sync, you know? These people are perfection.”

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