Uplifting Shen Yun Dancers Are Beyond Compare

“The male dancers … were very graceful and strong at the same time which I think is difficult to describe. … The women were very graceful and also very athletic but in such a graceful manner. We were sitting in the very back of the auditorium and you didn’t hear any feet falling on the stage and I remember from my first year in college and our fundamentals of movement class and we were running around the gym and our movement teacher said, ‘You sound like a herd of elephants, now run around the gym quietly.’ They were all so controlled, so silent but so graceful and so beautiful in all their movements.

The costumes were exquisite, all Chinese silk, which just floats and floats through the air with all of the dancers.”

“We liked having the introduction by a man and a woman both speaking in Chinese and American. We like that a lot because we are not familiar with the Chinese culture even though we have been to Hong Kong, Singapore, … and we have been backstage at the Chinese opera in Singapore, but we are not familiar with the cultural stories in the historical context. … Having some cultural context spoken before each scene was very helpful to us. We enjoyed that and I think everyone in the auditorium appreciated it from the applause, the two charming narrators, both of them.”

“We liked that each one of the scenes had a story that we could follow and was brief enough that we could follow something totally unfamiliar to us before.

We, of course, liked the idea that good overcomes evil; we always hope that that is so in our world. We know it isn’t always so in our world but it’s so refreshing to come to a performance that is so positive in nature, emotionally warm, encouraging of the good that’s in all of humanity. Sometimes it gets buried. The positivity of the whole performance, the whole concept of the performance was very refreshing and enjoyable.”

“It a supremely artistic presentation, it’s very intelligently planned; it’s beautifully performed in every way that you could use the word beautiful; In sound, in vision, in seeing each of the performers and their joy on the stage. We were 30 rows back, [yet] you could see the joy in the performers faces. They love doing this.

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