shenyun creations
The Creation - 2018 Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
Shen Yun Compositions
D.F. / arr. JUNYI TANThe Creation is a four-part symphonic poem inspired by the belief that humankind was created by the divine. Beginning with the quiet resonance of the universe, energy builds in the lower strings and trumpets burst forth with a grand fanfare, welcoming us once again to the realm of the Creator. The Allegro maestoso section continues with a lush melody in the strings representing the wish to create the world; the process of creation is realized as brass, woodwinds, and strings join together, building a bright harmonic formation. The first violins’ melody expresses man’s innate innocence, while a duet between oboe and cello reflects his sacred gratitude to the divine, and civilization develops to its peak. After the passage of eons, however, humankind loses its connection with its divine origins. The second section, Allegro, begins with dark pizzicato motifs, and a foreboding theme is introduced in the strings and later passed on to the brass. In the third section, the texture is reduced and the meter shifts to a tragic valse as we see humanity struggling against its demons. The upper woodwinds plea for mercy, facing the crushing swell of the entire ensemble. In mankind’s eleventh hour, the fourth section, the Creator returns—a Presto heralded by trumpets and jubilant strings. A song of renewal bursts forth, and the world rejoices in a triumphant finale.

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