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Early Shen Yun Pieces: The Monkey King Outwits Pigsy (2011 Production)
Early Shen Yun Pieces
The epic novel Journey to the West tells of the pilgrimage of one monk and three disciples to obtain sacred scriptures. In this part of their story, a new member is brought into the fold, albeit unwittingly: Pigsy.

Monkey King, already one of the disciples, is the first to catch sight of the Pigsy. The portly half-man half-pig is in the middle of exhibiting his debauched behavior, hounding a reluctant bride-to-be. Monkey comes to her rescue, but Pigsy escapes.

Monkey then hatches a plan, which includes recruiting help from the Goddess of the Moon and her celestial maidens. Their angelic dance lures Pigsy from his den, and their beauty charms Pigsy, just as planned.

Monkey pounces on the opportunity. He pulls a few strands of hair out of his own head and blows on them, magically transforming the hairs into more monkeys just like him. Pigsy is doomed, but just then the Goddess of Mercy appears and intervenes on his behalf.

The Buddhist monk arrives on the scene, and the Goddess assigns Pigsy to his care as a new disciple. She gives the monk a magical diadem, which he places on Pigsy’s head to control him if he ever starts his old shenanigans. Finally, the pilgrimage resumes, this time with Pigsy in tow.

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