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Music & Traditional Culture Episode 3
Classical Music

Classical Music

Many audience members visit the orchestra pit during intermission—some out of disbelief that the musical perfection they heard wasn’t pre-recorded; others curious to see what combination of instruments created the unique melodies.

How does the Shen Yun Orchestra combine the grandeur of Western orchestral music with the spirituality and delicacy of Eastern music? Conductor Chen Ying explains how Shen Yun blends these two musical traditions, resulting in the perfect dance accompaniment. The skillful orchestration also allows each composition to shine, in its full right, as a stand-alone performance.

Diving deeper into music appreciation, Chen Ying shares with us “Tang Dynasty Training Ground,” an original composition by Shen Yun Artistic Director Mr. D.F., and explains how the unique take on orchestration evokes the imagery and spirit of an ancient battle ground.