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Heart of Loyalty
Fei Tian College Student Works
The Taoist sage Laozi once said: “When a country falls into chaos, truly loyal subjects will shine.” And indeed, the thousands of years of recorded Chinese history are sprinkled with stories of heroes standing fast with devotion to their country, even till the last breath. But these tales often end in tragedy. The loyalty of military generals such as Yue Fei was repaid with betrayal; wise ministers the likes of Zhuge Liang met their demise with their grand ideals still unfulfilled.
This dance story choreographed by Fei Tian College students is inspired by such classic tales. Here, a fictional warrior returns home victorious from the battlefield. But peace is short-lived, and the Emperor summons him to serve once again. Torn between his patriotic and fatherly duties, he must discover just how much he is willing to sacrifice, and still stay true to his heart of loyalty.