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Early Shen Yun Pieces: Sand Monk is Blessed (2013 Production)
Early Shen Yun Pieces
The classic novel Journey to the West tells of a monk’s adventures on his quest for Buddhist scriptures. Along the way, he takes on as his disciples the magical Monkey King and Pigsy. Soon, though, another unlikely disciple joins the journey. This is his story.

The story begins with a group of children playing and gathering shells along the banks of Flowing Sands River. However, a little girl soon falls prey to a shape-shifting ogre. This horrid creature takes the form of a giant man-eating fish one moment, and a bearded ogre the next.

As the village mourns her loss, the Buddhist monk and his disciples arrive. Monkey and Pigsy vow to make the ogre pay for his wrongdoing. Monkey pulls a few hairs out of his own head and, using his magical powers, transforms them into playful pixies. Soon enough, the ogre is lured out of the river and into Monkey and Pigsy’s ambush.

A fight ensues and the ogre is about to receive his final blow. Just then, the Goddess of Mercy suddenly appears and intercedes to halt the fighting. She gives the ogre a chance to atone for his past by protecting the monk on his sacred pilgrimage. The ogre accepts and is given a new name: Sand Monk. He is also given a magical headband that controls his behavior—just in case.

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