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The Ties of Affection, the Tao of Destiny - 2019 Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
Shen Yun Compositions
D.F. / arr. Qin Yuan & Junyi TanThis piece, originally a part of Shen Yun’s 2019 dance production, tells the story of enduring love and faith in a higher power. The opening melody depicts a devout artist hard at work on a Taoist statue. A young lady pauses to admire his art when distant drums announce the arrival of an important general—her father. The artist shares with them his devotion to the Tao, stirring the lady’s heart. Their mutual affection grows, but her father strongly opposes and a struggle ensues, accompanied by heavy rhythms and pounding percussion. Just as the lady moves to protect her beloved, the enraged general’s sword accidentally pierces his daughter. The erhu’s cry rends the air as she drops lifeless, followed by a brokenhearted refrain of the main theme by the violins as the grieving artist prays for help. Suddenly, the orchestra erupts as the heavens hear his plea. The statue manifests as a Taoist deity and restores the young lady’s life, leaving the couple to marvel at the miracle bestowed upon them.