shenyun creations
Dunhuang - 2017 Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
Shen Yun Compositions
D.F. / arr. JING XIAN
In an oasis along the Silk Road in northwest China lie the “Thousand Buddha Caves.” Also known as the Dunhuang caves, they were discovered around the turn of the twentieth century and revealed ancient artwork—including magnificent murals and statues depicting heavenly beings and paradises. In this composition, the strings create a peaceful and mysterious atmosphere as a lone sculptor toils in the depths of a dim cave, the knock of his chisel faintly audible. Exhausted, he falls asleep. The orchestra fades and the pipa, harp, and pengling bells softly usher in a splendid scene. The statues come alive, with Buddhas and heavenly maidens illuminating the cave, dancing in front of the astounded sculptor. Finally, the celestial beings fade back into statues, and the artist awakens with newfound inspiration.