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Early Shen Yun Pieces: Lady Mu Guiying Commands the Troops (2012 Production)
Early Shen Yun Pieces
This beloved story is set over a thousand years ago. The Song Dynasty is being constantly invaded and teetering on the edge of destruction. But one loyal family has both the courage and the prowess to lead the fight and defend the Middle Kingdom.

Our story begins with Lady Mu Guiying saying goodbye to her husband, Yang Zongbao, as he heads off to yet another war. She is so sure of his success, that she is shocked and devastated when a messenger returns with her husband’s bloodied cape. War has taken a heavy toll on the family, and now the last of its generals has been killed, and yet the invading forces keep drawing nearer.

Yet this a family of indomitable fighters, including the women. After mourning with her grandmother, Mu Guiying is stirred to come to her country’s aid. Joined by her attendant, she leads her female troops into battle.

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