shenyun creations
Beauty Within
Fei Tian College Student Works
Once upon a time in ancient China lived a kind, dashing young man of extraordinary charm, status, and wealth. His name was Hungshuai Sun.

In this short dance drama, Hungshuai, with his striking good looks and suave airs, approaches the age of marriage. Social pressures demand an answer: Who will be the lucky bride for this perfect gentleman? Wealthy damsels and beautiful maidens from across the province vie for his attention. Yet, at this crucial junction, Hungshuai struggles in his search for true love.

One fateful day, our protagonist meets a blind Taoist wizard who, though sightless, sees what Hungshuai does not. The wizard unleashes a magic of both curse and blessing—in the blink of an eye, Hungshuai's life is turned upside down. Now in the darkest hours of his life, the young man discovers the glow of a deeper radiance, and the true meaning of inner beauty.

The dance was choreographed and performed by Fei Tian College students as part of Chinese New Year celebrations.