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Divine Compassion (2012)
Shen Yun Compositions
Divine Compassion demonstrates the power of goodness to defeat evil and transform the world. It comprises five sections. A feeling of grandeur characterizes the beginning, as something monumental is occurring in the universe. Trumpets enter, supported by woodwinds and strings, with a theme that represents the spreading of Falun Dafa. Soon, the atmosphere changes in a section that depicts the deplorable state of today’s world and its declining values. Yet untainted by this setting, the followers of Falun Dafa emerge in the form of an uplifting melody begun by the oboe. Harp, flute, and bells evoke the serenity and peace that is brought to these people’s lives by their spiritual practice. The melody is passed to the violin and develops further. Then, in a brief yet menacing segment by the brass, a brutal persecution begins. The forces of good ultimately triumph, though, with the return of the initial trumpet theme. Finally, a new era of blessing and prosperity begins for humankind.