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Ancient Melody - 2018 Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
Shen Yun Compositions
D.F. / arr. JING XIANOriginally written for solo erhu and piano, Ancient Melody was performed around the world during Shen Yun Performing Arts’ 2018 tour. In this arrangement for three erhus and orchestra, the erhus’ melodic theme, with its graceful entrance, portrays the virtue and feminine elegance of the ancient Chinese lady. Following the introduction of this melodic theme, the tempo gradually increases, and thematic variations are demonstrated by the three soloists as well as the orchestra. A traditional instrument that dates back thousands of years, the erhu is remarkably versatile and expressive despite having only two strings. It can demonstrate a range of techniques and convey powerful emotions; its otherworldly voice stirs the soul as few instruments can.