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Beyond the Notes, Episode #3: Mongolian Bowls
Shen Yun Compositions
In this episode, we visit the boundless grasslands—home to the Mongolians—for a closer look at an extraordinary tradition of hospitality.

As we travel north of the Great Wall, a dry breeze rustles a million blades of grass, and a golden eagle calls out from a distance. Suddenly, horse riders materialize on the horizon and, as we draw near, we see their campground. From inside a tent emerges a young lady. Dressed in warm furs, she approaches, carrying a bowl of steaming milk tea on top of her head. This is Mongolian hospitality.

Mongolian Bowls is a Shen Yun classic. It richly evokes the vast Mongolian steppes and the bold nomadic culture that thrives there.

How does Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra capture life in these rugged lands, the staccato rhythms of the bowl dance, the passionate Mongolian “long song,” the galloping horse, and the call of the eagle? Journey with us in this episode of Beyond the Notes.