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Early Shen Yun Pieces: An Unexpected Encounter (2013 Production)
Early Shen Yun Pieces
Imagine going with your family on a trip to today’s China. What if, while taking in the sights and sounds, you stumble upon a China the tour guides don’t want you to see?

This story begins with a father and daughter visiting China. As they take photos in a park, they stop to snap an innocent picture of a group of meditators practicing Falun Dafa. What they don’t realize is that these people are standing up for their persecuted faith, holding a banner that reads, “Truth, Compassion, Forbearance,” the principles of Falun Dafa. And soon, everyone’s life is turned upside down.

Due to a misunderstanding, the father and daughter are arrested and thrown into jail with the Falun Dafa practitioners. The events that follow stun the pair, but still even more surprises await, culminating in the father receiving the book of Falun Dafa’s teachings in an unexpected way.

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