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Solid Cultivation
Fei Tian College Student Works
Lao Zi said, “When a wise person hears the Tao, this person will practice it diligently. When an average person hears it, this person will practice it on and off.”

Once upon a time in a monastery lived a group of young monks, all diligent in their spiritual cultivation. All except for one. He was so lazy that he always stood out like a sore thumb. But whenever the lazy monk struggled, a diligent monk would help guide him through life’s temptations, slapping him back to his senses both figuratively and literally.

However, spiritual cultivation depends on oneself, and the path to enlightenment is fraught with demons looking for loopholes to exploit. Soon, the monks find their faith being tested through a series of trials, as demons try every means to crush their determination.

The demons, getting desperate, attempt to kill the old abbot—yet they are no match for his powers. In the end, even the demon king himself bows down in awe before the abbot’s compassion and the monks’ pious hearts.

This dance story was choreographed and performed by Fei Tian College students.

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